St Louis Mo Process Server

What Does A St Louis Mo Process Server Do?

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How To Hire A St Louis Mo Process Server?

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Who A Saint Louis Mo Process Server Can Help You 

If you are looking to get divorced, have gotten yourself into a legal situation where you need to serve someone, or just want to make sure that you have proof of delivery, a Saint Louis Mo process server is the best answer for your needs. While you can serve some of these things yourself or wait for them to be done via public services, you generally will want to engage a private service to make sure it's done right and done as quickly as possible. Here are some of the types of papers that can be served and later used as proof of due process within the court system. 

Restraining Orders

Restraining orders must be served in order to be valid. As you cannot be within the prohibited distance of the person being served or you will be in violation of the order, a process server is one of your only options. The person in question will receive the order and the time and date will be recorded. If they come near you after this has been completed, this time and date log will be used to prove in court that they have violated the order and will help you lock the person up, keeping you safe. 


If you are involved in a legal case where you need someone to speak out about something they know but you don't think they will do so willingly, you can ask your lawyer to subpoena them. This means that they will get a paper requiring them to show up in court on a certain date to give the information that they have. Failing to do so would put them in contempt of court, causing them to have severe consequences. 

Divorce Papers 

When you get divorced your former partner has to be served with papers notifying them of the ongoing process. This is both to allow them to get their own lawyer and to ensure that they can't object to the proceedings later one. Much like a restraining order or any other legal paper, the time and date will be recorded, ensuring that they can't lie and say they didn't receive a notification. 

If you think that you are in need of a Saint Louis Mo process server, we encourage you to reach out and discuss your options.